My Songs
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This page is, as they say, 'Under Construction' - more songs will be added when lyrics and recordings are available for upload.

I am not in this for profit. There is no charge for the songs. If you should want to download them, please do so. If you would like to use them, either in live performance or on record, I should take that as a compliment; although I would naturally hope that you would acknowledge me as their source.

Last updated March 2021

A's for the Abseil
Ballad of Willie Higgins, The
Banchory Wager, The
Big Grey Man, The
Bumbling Song, The  
Captain John MacPherson
Climber and the Stalker, The
Curry Song, The
Daffodils and Cobblestones
Descended from Noah
Fire Queen
Fisherman, The
Fragile Seed
Free Fall
Good Old Days
Gormenghast (All in the Mind?)
Great Doune Earthquake, 1997  
Highland Line
Lassie from Galloway, The
Listening to Your Eyes
Make It Part Of The Dance  
Make Yourself a Penny  
Memory Line
Mhairi's Song  
Mountain Boy
Mountain Boy No More  
Nevada Bound
New Lyric For Scotland  
New Moon Rising
Other Side of Ninety, The (Song for Betty)
Quendale Bay
Rob's Waltz For Carol  
Send Down The Rain  
Set The Lease Aside  
Shores of Torridon
Snow Angel  
Song for Andrew Gannel  
Song of the Wintergreen
Southerner's Lament, The
Tear Down the Wall
Three Old Married Men
Time Has Come, The
Two Pipers, The  
Walk the Wall
Winchester Fair