Winchester Fair
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We were drawn to the flame, though we’d not met before
There was light in your eyes as we took to the floor
And the gold that you wore matched the gold of your hair
As we danced through the evening at Winchester Fair

Just for that night, we were both there alone
Though I knew by the signs you had someone at home
But I didn’t ask who, and I didn’t ask why
You were still by my side as the hours went by

We both knew deep inside that this just couldn’t be
When the dancing was over we’d have to break free
But for those precious moments we held on so tight
We were there for each other that Winchester night

You might never have guessed, but you gave me so much
I’d not known for so long, just by sharing your touch
But life’s for the living, and it came into view
From just beyond innocence, dancing with you

When I saw you next morning, the magic had passed
But here in my memory I still hold you fast
And it’s well that the miles keep us safely apart
But I’ll always have Winchester here in my heart