Descended from Noah
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I was already feeling pleased with myself after producing two new songs in quick succession after a lean period, when this one popped up. I have for some time been collecting material about our family history, and recently tried googling some of the names. In particular, the noted Colonel John Jones of Maes y Garnedd, prominent Parliamentarian, and signatory of the Death Warrant of Charles the First. It is said we are descended from him directly, but the information I have actually details our line from his brother, Edward; who of course shares the same ancestry. Anyway, both appeared on the LDS website (the Mormons are all very much into their genealogy, of course). Going further and further back, I came across this reference to a source that supposedly detailed our ancestry all the way to Biblical times, and Noah specifically.

The rest, as they say, is history; and basically a bit of fun. The seventh verse is intended as a humorous aside at song – writing (I’m sure some of you at least will get the joke). One or two of the references will make more sense if you have a little basic knowledge of the Old Testament; but the story of Noah is pretty universally known, so I’m probably on fairly safe ground. The tune is a commonly used one this time; I’m not at all sure what it’s called, but you’ll recognise it when you hear it.

Finally, I hereby enter a claim that this is the only song ever written that mentions Charles Darwin AND Robert Burns. Oh, yes – and Noah himself, of course!