Free Fall
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Things never cross your mind until they happen
You fix your gaze, keep looking straight ahead
And so you never notice when the ice is getting thin
And they’re lighting up, those signs you should have read
Concern yourself with all the little problems
That seemed to be so vital at the time
When all the while your wheels are sliding closer to the edge
And silence is the unforgiven crime

Free fall, you’re in free fall
Cut the lifelines, forget about it all
There’s a moment you’ll hear tomorrow call
You’re in free fall

You still can’t quite believe it’s really happened
You never thought that it would end this way
You’ll never understand the things that go through someone’s mind
With no thought how high a price there’ll be to pay
In time you’ll see it all so much more clearly
And come to terms with what you still can be
You’ll hear those voices calling from the world outside your walls
There’s a new way forward; take the road and see