New Moon Rising
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This is the only song of mine that was actually "commissioned" - generally a song either comes or it doesn’t.

There was to be a big local event in Alloa Town Hall, raising funds for the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS). I offered my services, and received a visit from the organisers, Kelly Sagar and his son Chris. They were keen to put me on the bill, but asked if I could write a new song especially for the occasion. There was only one way to approach the topic of death, and I had before me Runrig’s example of "Running to the Light". Up-beat and cheerful! And it seemed to work. I sang it on the night with about thirty children on the stage behind me, joining in with the chorus.

The recording went on the "Songs for CHAS" CD, and the video from the performance, and I was delighted when the representative from the Hospice who came to receive the cheque remarked that I had exactly captured the whole spirit of the organisation and its aims.