Daffodils and Cobblestones
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Started out from Waverley when the morning train arrived
On a sunny springtime Saturday – what a time to be alive
And the daffodils were blazing out in the parks all round the town
And on the cobbled streets of Edinburgh we shoogled up and down
Daffodils and cobblestones go running through my brain
And they take me back to yesterday and that afternoon with James

Up the steps and pathways to the top of Calton Hill
With the city spread beneath our feet, and the wheels were rolling still
And down beside the Colonies we were going with the flow
And the herons fished Leith Water where the birch and alder grow
Daffodils and cobblestones through the city’s winding lanes
There was nowhere I would rather be on that afternoon with James

With a smile on both our faces at everything we found
We went walking through the Garden with the new life all around
And high upon the Terraces we watched the world go by
And the world looked back and laughed with us with amazement in its eye
Daffodils and cobblestones and the April skies aflame
Every moment filled with miracles on that afternoon with James

The afternoon was slipping by; it was time for moving on
And the next time that we hit the road the daffodils had gone
But through the changing seasons there’ll be moments we can share
And as long as we’re together there’ll be time enough to spare
Daffodils and cobblestones will never seem the same
Since I took the train to Waverley for that afternoon with James

Daffodils and cobblestones; let’s do it all again
And if you’ve a mind, we’ll take the time for an afternoon with James