Time Has Come, The
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The time has come and we must all be leaving
And moving out along the turning year
As we make our ways into the world outside us
Very soon you’ll never know that we were here
The towers of this city rule the breezes
The concrete turns its faces to the rain
The doors are closing one by one behind us
They know we’ll not be coming back again

The corridors within the darkened building
Are waiting for the silence to arrive
And the lights are burning dim behind the windows
In the last cells of this body left alive
The ghosts of past amusements haunt the stairways
Their shouts of laughter drift across the floor
We never used to hear what they were saying
And now we’ll not be listening any more

Those who still remain will have no time to worry
They’ll be too busy making fast the loosened ends
While we wish that we’d been just a little nearer
To the people whom we might have known as friends
We’ll be standing on the platform in the morning
The days already falling from our minds
Waiting for the train to take us somewhere
And thinking of the world we’ve left behind