The Banchory Wager
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It’s of a sporting wager that I will sing today
Concerning stout Lord Kennedy and bold Sir Andrew Hay
Sir Andrew and Lord Kennedy good hunting they did find
And both repaired to Banchory that evening for to dine
That evening for to dine
And both repaired to Banchory that evening for to dine

“Ten thousand crowns”, Sir Andrew said, “I’ll wager as I stand
That of we two to Inverness I’ll prove the faster man.”
“Your challenge,” said Lord Kennedy, “Your challenge and your fee
Are one to which my heart and soul do willingly agree.”

Sir Andrew took the Huntly road and to the North went he
His spirits high with hopes to win and sure of victory
“Ten thousand crowns will soon be mine, that I can surely say,
For I shall be at Inverness before the second day.”

But to the North Lord Kennedy was loth to make his way
And to the West he started out toward the Bridge of Spey
The night was dark on Derry side as Kennedy did fare
“Here’s woe to thee Sir Andrew Hay and follow if you dare.”

The rain did fall in torrents as he took the mountain road
That leads into the Lairig Ghru and far from men’s abode
The way was steep and rugged and the wind was chill to bear
But none could halt Lord Kennedy possessed of courage rare

Through all that night and all the day their feet did pace the ground
At six o’clock Lord Kennedy at Inverness was found
“Now where is good Sir Andrew that made this challenge mine?”
“Oh, he is on the Huntly road, and twenty miles behind.”

So here’s to bold Lord Kennedy that won this noble race
And likewise to Sir Andrew that gave him such a chase
One hundred miles in twenty hours as measured on the land
From Banchory to Inverness upon the Moray strand