Gormenghast (All in the Mind?)
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Mervyn Peake’s trilogy concerning the life and surroundings of Titus Groan is one of the more extraordinary literary works of the twentieth century. I am not especially cultured myself, but I find this fascinating. The song attempts to capture something of the claustrophobic atmosphere of the first two books; and asks a question that even a literary analyst might find worth considering. The improbable vastness and age of the castle, and the inconsistencies of the events (Fuchsia, for example, does not appear to age at all while her brother grows up), suggest that the whole thing is a fantasy in Titus’ own mind, and not just the author’s.

I never attempted to include any reference to the third book, "Titus Alone", which becomes more and more surreal. Parts of it stray into the realm of science fiction, and I am convinced that there are echoes of it in Patrick McGoohan’s 1960’s TV series, "The Prisoner". That itself remains a consummate achievement. Maybe I should have tried to come up with a song about it, too; but for now I’m content to leave that with Roy Harper.