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Beyond the Dark Mile of Lochaber
By Loch Arkaig’s winding road
Westward through to the trackless country
That my eyes had yet to know
Hills I’d climbed upon your border
Paths that lead to the narrow way
High stone stairs to the Loch of Heaven
Take me there on an endless day

Knoydart, Knoydart, mountain and sea
Open your Rough Bounds to me
Hidden land let me run to you
Hold the rainbow, I’m coming through

Comes the dawn, and a brightening morning
Takes its place from a night of rain
Clouds disperse, and the hills are clearing
Under seaward skies again
Waders on the shoreline calling
Weave their spell as the sun gets high
I tread the paths of a timeless landscape
Lose my heart between earth and sky

But now the hour of grace is ended
Falling rains feed the rising burn
Each high adventure has its season
From every hill there’s a time to turn
Mist lies low upon your lochans
Cloaks the crag where the falcon soared
Backward glances etch this moment
In my mind for evermore