Lassie from Galloway, The
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The sky’s growing dark and the sun’s out of sight
And the city lies heavy around me tonight
And now is the time that my thoughts will take flight
To the lassie from Galloway

Where the broom and the heather grow wanton and wild
Their blossoms to garland a Borderland child
It’s in that fair country she stays yet awhile
The lassie from Galloway

Where the river runs silently out to the sea
Where the boats come to shore by the banks of the Dee
It’s down by the harbour I’m yearning to be
With the lassie from Galloway

It’s there that I’m yearning to be by her side
To follow her gaze on the incoming tide
To the place where the seagulls and cormorants cry
For the lassie from Galloway

But gone are those days, far away is that land
The winds from the Solway blow cold o’er the sand
And never again will I walk hand in hand
With the lassie from Galloway

So come all you ladies wherever you be
Be you ever so fine, be you ever so free
But it’s long ere I’ll find such another as she
The lassie from Galloway