Gormenghast (All in the Mind?)
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Raised in isolation fast behind the walls
Echoes his companions through the endless hollow halls
Corridors of darkness, stairways of the night
Images that flicker in a strange unhallowed light
Battlements of shadow, walls of weathered stone
Shutting out the sunrise when the owls of night have flown
Towers in the twilight, clouds across the moon
Don’t allow the morning in too soon

Was it all in the mind of a man on his own?
Was it all in the mind of a child that had grown?
Where a boy could be the master of all he left behind
Tell me; was it all in the mind?

Father lost to reason, devoured by his fears
Mother growing colder and more distant with the years
Sister taking refuge in a world of make believe
Relatives that sicken, their minds like withered leaves
High above the rooftops he hears the winds that blow
Watches from his window, and he wonders where they go
No-one seems to notice, no-one seems to care
But can’t there be another world out there?

And in this cold seclusion, imagination plays
Builds upon the figures that surround him every day
Strange and yet familiar, these people of his dreams
Perhaps they’re only human, but that’s not the way it seems
Time has lost its meaning, distances deceive
The hours and the centuries his senses interweave
Reality and reason lost and lying low
Waiting till it’s time for him to know