A's for the Abseil
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It’s A’s for the abseil right down to the ground
B’s for the belay so strong and so sound
C’s for the Cuillin on the Island of Skye
D’s for the dead men wherever they lie

Merrily, merrily, so merry are we
No mortal on earth like a man climbing free
“Climb when you’re ready!”, and don’t take too long
Give a climber his beer and there’s nothing goes wrong

E’s for the etriers taking the strain
F’s what you say when it’s starting to rain
G’s for the gully, all greasy and damp
H – hypothermia, cystitis, and cramp

I’s for the ice axe, so sturdy and long
J’s for jam pieces to make us grow strong
K’s karabiners that never give way
L is the good luck for which we all pray

M’s for the mountains we see in our dreams
N’s for the nuts who go climbing extremes
O’s for O B****** when the pubs are all shut
P’s what you do round the back of the hut

Q’s for the Queen, but she couldn’t be here
R’s for the rope that we all hold so dear
S for the song at the end of the day
T’s for the tent where the festerers stay

U should be with us, we’re ready to go
V’s for the valley so far down below
W’s for the whisky we all have in mind
X for the Export to help us unwind

Y’s for young climbers wherever they be
The old ones have all joined the ******** M.C.
Z is for Zermatt but that’s much too dear
******** ‘s much cheaper - that’s why we’re all here!