Three Old Married Men
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I’ve only ever entered a few song writing competitions, and this is the only song I’ve written that has actually won an award. It was at the Edinburgh Folk Club, and the chief judge was the one and only Sheena Wellington.

It was written, in a traditional style, for myself, Jim Purvis and Roger Lyall, all founder members of the Dunblane Folk Club. Someone had made a remark about these "old married men" (we were only about forty at the time!), and the phrase sort of stuck. There are numerous folk songs about the frustration of young women saddled with elderly or disinterested men, and I thought it was time someone turned the tables. This song should not, however, be taken too seriously.

Interestingly, it provoked a reply, written and performed by well-known Stirling singer Alison Hope; who has complimented me with her own versions of two or three of my other songs. It may actually have been Alison who made the remark that started it all.