Song of the Wintergreen
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I wish that I could walk again the land I used to know
Where the pines of Caledonia stand fast against the snow
Where every birch and rowan grows fairer than before
And the wintergreen is flowering in the forest of Glenmore

Mist upon the mountainside and rain beneath the pines
Wind across the water blows shadows from my mind
Pools among the heather and frost upon the grass
And the wintergreen is flowering as summer comes to pass

Some things fade from memory but others aye remain
And when my spirit wanders I walk those ways again
My dreams will take me northward to where the merlin flies
And the wintergreen is flowering as June turns to July

But morning comes and with the sun these fantasies must fly
And those who look toward me, I cannot pass them by
Yet I recall those hours and in my heart they’ll stay
And the wintergreen still flowers there though I am far away