Good Old Days
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The "sounds" and the "mood" are those of my early adult life, when I was starting out in the world, forming friendships and relationships, and generally establishing just who and what I was. Hearing the music that surrounded me then brings these times back to life; but while this can be pleasant, it is ultimately self-indulgent and retrogressive. The only way is forward, but what is past is not lost; it is still a part of us, and enables us to develop further. Gosh, this is getting a bit deep, isn’t it!

Some songs have to be "tweaked" as time passes. When it was written, the last verse referred to a "seventies" revival. After the millennium, I altered it to "twentieth century".

I often refer to this as my "anti-nostalgia" song; and dedicate it to all my family and friends, companions on the continuing journey.