Make Yourself a Penny
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Make yourself a penny, make yourself a pound
Make yourself a hundred as the circle turns around
Make yourself a million from the things that you destroy
Leave them by the wayside, like a naughty little boy

We used to watch the fishes in the river running clear
Down there in the valley long before you came by here
But now you’ve sprayed your chemicals and we’ve lost them every one
They’ve all gone down the river with their bellies to the sun

We used to climb the mountains where the air was fresh and clean
And tell-tale signs of city life were very seldom seen
But country folk must grit their teeth and shoulder on their loads
You’re digging up the mountains to make gravel for the roads

All our ancient monuments are crumbling to their doom
Every time your aircraft make that supersonic boom
But leave the old cathedrals and the castles where they lie
Come fly transatlantic - we’ll build castles in the sky

Now three cheers for technology; the sciences of man
So many things we can’t do, but here’s something that we can
Just keep on making money, boys, and never mind the mess
So long as we’re all right Jack, it’s a shame about the rest