Mhairi's Song
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The lights are low now, the northern road is calling
And I must be on my way to a place where I can breathe
But don’t you be sad now; you know it has to happen
Every now and then this feeling makes me leave

Don’t forget me, for I’ll be back to see you
It may take a day or two, but I’ll not be gone for long
Then I’ll be with you, whenever you want me
Until once again I have to sing my other song

There are those who’d tell you I’ve always been this way
You give me everything, but I still need something more
But don’t you worry; it won’t be for ever
You may be lonely now, but I’ll soon be back for sure

High upon the mountain, the swirling mists before me
They clear for a moment, and I see you through the miles
And my thoughts go flying back to where you’re waiting
It’s having you in my life that makes it all worth while

Maybe someday, you’ll be coming with me
Together we’ll travel on the road towards the sun
Wherever we wander, we’ll be making music
A song for the world we share, and the life that’s just begun