Snow Angel
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You’re a daughter of the sunrise, your brightness you can’t hide
You’re a solitary traveller, a feather on the tide
But moments that you share reveal the girl within the shell
And for all your self-assurance, is there more that you don’t tell?

Was there something in your story from all those years ago
That brought you to this island, that no-one else might know?
And I wonder, could you ever hear the call of those who care
Who break on your defences, yet have so much they would share?

Snow Angel, if you could only turn and see
Snow Angel, it doesn’t always have to be
Snow Angel, what does it take to set you free
You can climb the highest mountain if you try
You can chase the lingering shadows from the sky
And there’s a place for you wherever you may go
My Angel of the Snow

So you walk in isolation on the road by which you came
The keenest is the tempered blade that’s forged within the flame
But remember should you lose your way and you’re out there on your own
That even one so strong need not forever stand alone