Make It Part Of The Dance
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When you’re out on the town, and you’re takin’ a chance
If you’re startin’ to stagger, make it part of the dance
If you’re a little unsteady, it doesn’t matter at all
So long as you’re ready, you’re still Belle of the Ball

If you’re showin’ your age, step into the light
Turn over the page, and you’ll be doin’ all right
If you’re startin’ to hobble at the end of the day
What’s a bit of a wobble, when you’re doin’ OK?

Don’t ever you worry that you’re goin’ downhill
Don’t get into a flurry, just live for the thrill
Let gravity take you, just follow the tide
On the wave of the moment, it’s a hell of a ride!

Don’t go losin’ the place, remember just who you are
There may be lines on your face, but you can still be a star
Life’s yours for the livin’, step up to the plate
Use what you’ve been given, for it’s never too late