Nevada Bound
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It’s a hundred and five in the heat of the day
Down the dirt road to Adobe where the dust devils play
The hawks and the ravens are all flying high
Hunting down the wind as all the creeks are running dry

Out there in Nevada there’s a place that I’ve found
Where the gold and the rubies are wrestled from the ground
Where the home fire awaits and the family gathers round
Once again I want to be Nevada bound

The freight trains are wailing way out on the track
And from Salt Lake to Reno the echo’s rolling back
The Union Pacific still hurries them along
And the big steel rails are humming to the engineer’s song

The scent of the sage fills the hot southern air
And the tinder and the brushwood are all set to flare
There’s smoke clouds on the move, the horizon’s alight
And word’s gone round they’re closing down the Interstate tonight

Out upon the skyline the desert sands give way
Where the deer and the granite and the mountain pine hold sway
Up where Lamoille and Liberty lie deep among the snow
And the bluebird skims the boulder ridge where few will ever go

Now nothing lasts forever, but something stays behind
There’s a glimmer of Nevada in the canyons of your mind
You’re driving round in circles; you’re saving up the days
And there’ll always be a welcome there five thousand miles away