Shores of Torridon
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Torridon is the epitome of the Mountaineers’ Highlands. The sandstone and quartzite masses of Beinn Eighe, Beinn Alligin and Liathach are among the most popular and spectacular of all the Munros, and the Coulin Forest peaks to the south of the glen are a delight in themselves. I first stayed there with the Edinburgh University Mountaineering Club (EUMC, or Yummick), and the activity revolved around the private hostel of Glen Cottage, run by those well-known folk singers Dave Goulder and Liz Dyer.

The song describes the lifestyle of an imaginary character who has moved into the area, and scratches a living there without really becoming a part of the community. At the time, I saw a lot of myself in this person. He is portrayed as a rather sad and lonely character, but not altogether without joy or hope. He probably had a guitar in that cottage, for a start....