Highland Line
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Took the wheel and headed up the High Road
Time to breathe the air and tread new ground
Weather fronts were driving in from Knoydart
Winter calling second time around
Snow was drifting deep up high that April
Down below two thousand on the brae
Turning back above the Cam Bealach
Leave the hills to fight another day

Oh, I can’t stay away too long
The feeling’s growing much too strong
Oh, take me back across the Highland Line

Spending time with strangers in the evenings
Finding they weren’t strangers after all
Funny how the folk you meet in passing
Come down on your own side of the wall
Talked of places shared and well – remembered
Thirty years ago that could be you
Starting out along the path you’d chosen
Taking time the way you used to do

Waiting there upon the old oak table
Music from this man I’d never known
Played it on the road across Lochaber
Shared it with the water, wind and stone
Climbing high upon the ridge of Gleouraich
Barrisdale out on the western shore
Winds that come and go around the snowline
Bind me to this land for evermore

Early morning southbound by the Leven
Yearning for those hills I’d left behind
Maybe I’ll be back this way tomorrow
Clear the mist and shadow from my mind
Driving all the way down to the railroad
Evenings out there working on the line
Threads of life that somehow come together
Friendship, songs and journeys intertwine