Mountain Boy
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I have a new companion now to walk the hills with me
One whose step is so much lighter, one whose heart is free
One who’s growing day by day, one to share my name
One to walk beside me through the mountain sun and rain

Whose eyes are filled with wondering at everything we find
A stone, a tree, a spider – they’re all diamonds to his mind
And when he asks me questions, well I sometimes just don’t know
I’m telling you, this boy and I have a thousand miles to go

Smiling for a photograph upon Dumyat’s rise
High above the valley floor and halfway to the skies
Now any time you want to be, you’re welcome here you see
We’ll leave the others standing, will my Mountain Boy and me

And as the days go rolling on, I’ll bring my world to you
Though I just hope it’s wide enough, for I’m still learning too
And though I may not understand the things your eyes will see
I’ll try to let the best in you bring out the best in me

So through the years we’ll walk along the paths that we’ve begun
And as we reach the hills of life we’ll climb them one by one
And maybe you’ll be there with me, or maybe you’ll have flown
To find a way that’s far from mine, with mountains of your own