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To these hills I lately came
A stranger from some southern country
On a night of stars and rain
Crossed that long – disputed boundary
Found a place and called it home
Here beside the flowing water
And though this land was not my own
I heard it call so sharp and clear to me

See the Forth from Flanders wind
Between the Craig and castle turning
Close below the Highland Line
Hills of gold in sunrise burning
Here where North and South converge
The course of history’s pathway forging
A cradle for that fateful urge
To fight for freedom’s riches or to fall

But the past is least of all
Amongst this wealth of new-found treasure
Folk whose worth is seldom small
Gild the cup and fill the measure
Friendship’s hand extends to me
Love and laughter intertwining
Would that I might worthy be
Of all that I receive on every side

Climbing to the western height
Mist upon the Carseland swirling
Watch the dawn’s revealing light
Advance across the plains of Stirling
May my life its fullness run
Here between the Firth and Mountain
By this Heartland fairly won
No more to wander restless and alone