Bumbling Song, The
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If you’re living in the city and you’re feeling rather low
There’s a little place in Lakeland where you really ought to go
So pack your Alka-Seltzer, take the caravan in tow
And come and join the bumblers in Langdale

Bumble, bumble, through the countryside
Bumble, bumble, roaming far and wide
To hell with conservation, there’s a motorway to ride
And everybody’s coming up to Langdale

In your Rovers and your Jaguars we’ve seen you all arrive
Keeping to the middle at a steady twenty five
It’s time to look around you, ‘cause it’s good to be alive
And you’re holding up the rest of us in Langdale

And in the summer holidays you’re there in single file
In your forty seven seaters round the bends at Chapel Stile
Waiting for the cameraman to tell you when to smile
As he takes you on a tour around the Langdales

We’ve seen you with your Instamatics pointed at the lambs
From the comfort of your coaches in a Sunday traffic jam
But don’t go in the fields or you’ll get eaten by the rams
And don’t forget your welly boots in Langdale!

We’ve seen you on the campsite when the rain is coming down
In a pool of muddy water, floating round and round
Cursing at the man who comes to take your half a crowns
And wishing that you’d never heard of Langdale

We’ve seen you in your thousands, tramping up the hill
In your plastic macs and gym shoes, you’re heading for a spill
So remember Mountain Rescue when you’re making out your will
We’re the ones who’ll bring your body down to Langdale

But we’re really glad to see you here when all is said and done
There’s room enough in Langdale for each and every one
And besides we need the money too, so come and join the fun
And have yourself a holiday in Langdale