Fragile Seed
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Ships that passed upon the seas
Sails unfurled to catch the breeze
I could only try to please you through the fairer days
Disengage the tangled lines
Threads of gold that used to shine
Wishing still that you’d been mine in all those other ways

Had there been more between our minds
Had circumstance been less unkind
Or had we left our selves behind, we might have made it through
But neither of us now I’m sure
Knew what we were looking for
Each blind to what the other saw, from every point of view

And so we talked about the day
Things comfortably far away
From what we were afraid to say, in case it rang too true
For we might slip, and break the seal
And let a chance remark reveal
Exactly what it is we feel, and that would never do

I know excuses can’t be found
It’s too far gone to talk around
So softly leave the killing ground, unwounded while you can
But in the darkness I still find
Shades of you across my mind
Free now of all the chains that bind a woman and a man

And so you find me here today
Reflecting in my usual way
Wondering what on earth to say, that’s not been said before
Our love was such a fragile seed
The memories that only bleed
And words aren’t what your sorrows need, to drive them from the door