Big Grey Man, The
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I’ve been around since long before the day that you were born
I only have to take one step for every three of yourn
I’ll follow you around up there, and I’ll catch you if I can
If ever you dare disturb my lair, cause I’m the Big Grey Man

I stand well over twelve feet tall, and I’ll give you such a fright
If you’re passing through the Lairig Ghru in the middle of the night
And if you’re climbing higher then you’d best come with your friends
Cause if I catch you on your own that’s where your story ends

Fear Liath Mhor’s my Gaelic name, but that’s all one to you
You can call me what you like but I’ll still scare you through and through
Some say they don’t believe in me, but it’s time that they found out
Just let them come alone up here, and they’ll see what I’m about

Professor Norman Collie was the first one that I vexed
I crept up close behind him and I made him quite perplexed
He ran as fast as he could go down through the swirling mist
But when he told the Cairngorm Club they all thought he was ****

Now haute cuisine and cordon blue up here are rather rare
Though I’m fond of Kendal Mint Cake if you’ve any going spare
But my appetite’s enormous, and my range of tastes is wide
And I’m partial to a little bit of climber on the side

Now I wouldn’t say that fame has changed my life in any way
Though it’s getting rather crowded now in the hills where I hold sway
Don’t clamber in my corries, don’t paddle in my lochs
Cause I just might take exception, lads, and hurl you on the rocks