Albert and the Royal Wedding
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In the Spring of 2011, much excitement was generated by the forthcoming wedding of HRH Prince William to Miss Katherine Middleton. Now I have never been a particularly ardent royalist, and had indeed been for a very long walk to get away from the blanket coverage of the nuptials of Charles and Diana. But this couple seemed to be much more natural and somehow “real” and I found myself quite taken with them. Before I knew it, the brain cells were churning out this effort just in time for the event.

It went down very well, even in Folk Clubs, that are traditionally hotbeds of republicanism, so maybe it wasn’t just me. A number of people said I should send the Duke and Duchess a copy, and I eventually did so; receiving in due course a very nice acknowledgement from the Royal Household. It was indeed, “Sealed wi’ a grand-lookin’ crown”; and the postmark “Were Buckingham Palace” to boot! Moreover, the aide whose name appeared at the foot was called Holloway!! We are still not quite sure whether this means that I can append the legend, “By Royal Appointment” to my work, but the Tower of London looms large, so I probably won’t risk it.

The mention of Rowan Williams is of special significance to me, as I knew Rowan in my student days, through the Swansea Youth Theatre. I remember him as a very likeable and genuine chap, and have in fact been in touch with him since his appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury. Perhaps I shall send him a copy as well....