Albert the Jedi
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This was a bit of a risky venture, merging as it does two totally contrasting genres. How many people would have affection for this style of recitation AND know enough of the Star Wars phenomenon to appreciate it was always going to be something of an unknown quantity. But so long as there are a few people in the audience who can make the connections, it’s good fun. I was especially pleased with the way I was able to bring in Yoda; and he was actually quite useful. Whenever he was speaking, I could switch words round to suit the rhyming requirements of the verses. Hence, “Your light sabre choose now must you.” and the like.

Darth Maul’s spikes and double sabre had always seemed to me to be a bit of a liability, not to mention getting red face paint in his eye....

This was originally composed on the release of the film, “The Phantom Menace” (which title, by the way, must surely have led to sore disappointment for all those DCT fans who were anticipating a role for Gnasher...). I resurrected it when the film was re-released in 3D, but at the time I had mislaid the original, and had to re-write several verses. One or two were possibly improvements.