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Hello there. Thanks for visiting. Maybe you’re here because you’ve heard my music, or maybe someone else has suggested that you have a look. Maybe you’ve dropped in completely by accident. But please don’t go away just yet. You might find something you like!

The compositions on this website represent material that I have put together over a period of many years. Most of the songs have been inspired by family, friends, events, and perhaps above all by my love of the wild places of Britain, particularly the mountains of the Scottish Highlands. I am not a social or political commentator, and with very few exceptions, the writing should simply be taken at face value.

I have never been a famous performer. The outlets for my songs have been informal sessions, sometimes a charity event, occasionally a booking at a folk club or similar venue. In recent years I have sometimes included one or two in my work with the Skelpit Lug Ceilidh Band. But those who have heard me have been very kind, and have often told me how much they have enjoyed the songs. A few have gone so far as to perform their own versions of my material; one or two have even recorded one of the songs commercially.

People do from time to time ask me if I have recordings of my own. While a few of the items have found their way onto various CDs, and I did make an audio tape many years ago, there has never been anything like a complete collection. So this website has been set up to rectify that. Anyone who wants to will now be able to access my music; and from my own point of view I shall have the satisfaction of knowing that I have left some sort of musical legacy for the future.

I am not in this for profit. There is no charge for the songs. If you should want to download them, please do so. If you would like to use them, either in live performance or on record, I should take that as a compliment; although I would naturally hope that you would acknowledge me as their source.

The website is a work in progress. The ultimate aim is that all my songs (probably about thirty or forty in total) will eventually appear here. Each will have lyrics, a download of the performance (nothing fancy; just vocal and the guitar, or in some cases just vocal), a few “sleeve notes” about the song, and, ideally, a photo or two relevant to the song to make things a bit more interesting.

If you’d like biographical details, then OK; but maybe I’ll put these on a separate page, as not everyone will be interested in where I grew up, or what I like for breakfast.

Thank you again for visiting my website. If you like what you find here, do tell someone else about it. Meanwhile, enjoy...

Rob Griffith
01259 753092

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